Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer was so much fun.  Alex had a really great season scoring lots of goals and Mia was excited to play each game and even got a few good kicks in.  I love watching them work hard and get better and things. 

Somehow Alex had two games he had to play in the pouring rain and Mia didn't have any.

This team is so much fun.  The kids are great and they won every single game! They posed in front of the rainbow during practice. 


To say that May was a busy month for us would be an understatement.  It was very crazy but very fun too.  

At the beginning of the month Mia had her tumbling showcase.  I was impressed by how much she has improved from the beginning of the year.  She definitely seemed stronger and more grown up this time around.  

As a surprise we took Alex to Las Vegas for his birthday.  The day before his birthday we packed up the car, dropped off Mia and Boo and headed out.  He had no idea where we were going. 

We stayed at the MGM Grand. We brought just a couple of presents along so he wouldn't miss opening anything on his birthday.  

The first night we explored the strip a little bit.  We only had to cover his eyes a couple of times. 

We decided to ride the World's tallest Ferris Wheel.  It was pretty cool. 

You were in a completely enclosed compartment so it didn't feel too scary. 

The next day we ate breakfast at the buffet and then spent several hours at the pools.  Alex spent hours using his new snorkel, swimming through the lazy river. 

The main reason we brought Alex to Las Vegas was to see David Copperfield.  It was a great show and so much fun.  We even got to go up on stage for one of his tricks.  Alex loved every minute of it.

The next day we headed home and Alex got to open a couple more presents.  

On Saturday we had Alex's party with both families.  Of course, Alex decided to have a Porg party.  Brandon made another amazing cake as usual!

It was a great week of celebrating Alex.  I can't believe he is 8 years old! 

Next up was Mother's Day.  I felt very spoiled.  It was a great day! 

Mia had lots of fun this year attending two different preschools. She got to go to Miss Joey's preschool along with my.  They had a very cute graduation program at the end of the month.   

Mia loved taking dance and tumbling this year.  I had to take a picture while I was getting her ready for pictures.  Her hair never stayed curled for very long.  

She did great at her end of year performance.  She knew her dance really well and had so much fun! So many people came to watch her dance.  She loved it! 

Finally, it was time for my preschool graduation program.  It was a little crazy but turned out great! 

 A few more random pictures from the month ...

The girls had fun dancing and singing at Temple Square while Alex got his picture taken.

Checking out potato bugs.

Some of our neighborhood friends got to go out this month to celebrate Andrea's birthday. 

While Alex was off track we had a family sleepover in the family room.  I think I fell asleep first but it was a lot of fun.

While at Costco one day this month they had some knock-off Star Wars characters hanging out.  Mia, who is usually terrified of most things insisted that we go up and get our picture taken with them. It was very random but funny.

We were excited to see Solo this month.  We had to practically force Alex to pose for a picture like this so this was the best we got. 

At the end of the month Alex got to attend Scouts for the first time.  He was so excited and had so much fun!