Saturday, March 11, 2017


February was a great month.  We had a lot of fun!

Alex finished up his basketball season this month.  He had a lot of fun.  

Mia is still in the phase where she doesn't really play with other kids but just along side them.  But when Ari comes to play she is glued to her side.  Luckily Ari is very sweet and humors Mia.  They are so cute together!

Mia also loves anytime she gets to see Claire!

Alex finally found his wrestling buddy.

We had a great time celebrating Valentines Day this year. Maryann and Stephanie stopped by and our kids always love to spend time with them.

Brandon surprised me with my favorite flowers.

Alex was off track so I had a great time spending the day with these two cuties.  We took a rare trip to McDonalds and enjoyed the playground.

We also had a nice family dinner once Brandon made it home.

For dessert Brandon made us chocolate covered strawberries. They were delicious as always!

Also this month we got to go out with some friends and try out Top Golf.  We are no golfers but it was still a lot of fun! 

We loved having Alex off-track for most of the month.  We kept pretty busy with swimming lessons, appointments and playing. Mia also loved having Alex home during the day and having her best buddy to play with.

Boo never lets my making the bed bother her.

One of the days Alex was off-track Brandon took the day off work and took Alex snowboarding.  Alex took a lesson so Brandon could have some time to snowboard and then they did a little together.  Alex had a blast! Brandon tried to give himself a concussion but luckily he didn't succeed.  

While the boys snowboarded Mia got to play with a new friend, Embery. 

We love these two!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jr. Jazz Basketball

Alex finished up another season of basketball.  It went fast! He had a lot of fun and despite his vertical deficiencies improved a lot. We love watching him play! 


At the end of January we were able to take a quick trip to Disneyland with Brandon's family. It was a ton of fun and makes us excited to go back.  Mia could hardly control her excitement on the plane.  This plane ride went much smoother than when we went to Florida.  It helped that it was much shorter and Mia had her own seat.  She was very chatty as we waited to take off.  They had to de-ice the plane first.  Then as soon as we took off she fell asleep and didn't wake up until we were landing.  It was great! 

After we dropped our bags off at the hotel we headed straight to Disneyland.  As soon as we entered the park we saw lots of characters and the kids were excited to get their pictures taken with them.  Mia was a little nervous at first but warmed up with each character we saw. 

We finally made it onto a ride.  We took the kids on Pirates of Caribbean which probably wasn't the best choice as the first ride but we didn't scare them too badly.

The second day we spent in California Adventure.  The kids loved Cars Land. 

The poor little kids had to spend a lot of time waiting in their strollers while the bigger kids took turns going on rides.  They were great and always happy though!

Alex wasn't super excited to meet the Princesses but he was kind enough to play along.

One of the highlights of the trip was eating at Goofy's Kitchen.  The kids loved having all the characters come by as they ate and Alex especially loved eating at a buffet.  He loved that he got to eat whatever he wanted and as much as he wanted.  It was so much fun!

One of the boys' favorite rides was Soarin' Over the World.  They were pretty hilarious on it.

We promised Alex he would not have to get his picture taken with the princesses but they wouldn't let him out of it.

Mia on the other hand loved every minute of it.

Luisa had never been on a roller coaster like this before and Marlene and Trevor didn't give her much warning.  Her face says it all! 

I promise they were having fun.

Alex was on there somewhere.

After dinner Alex fell asleep leaning against this wall.  We had too much fun!

Not long after it was Mia's turn to fall asleep.

The last day we spent some time in Downtown Disney shopping and eating before heading home. Sadly, this was the best picture we got of Grandma, Grandpa and the Grandkids.

The kids loved eating at the Rain Forest Cafe.

It was so nice to get out of the cold weather and have a ton of fun with family.  We can't wait to go back!