Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mia Turns One!

Our little Mia bug is one years old!  The last year went so fast.  Even though I am missing the infant stage it has been so fun to see her little personality develop.  For her birthday she got a play kitchen.  She and Alex were very excited when they woke up on her birthday.  

Mia's birthday was pretty low-key.  We opened presents, had a yummy breakfast, ran some errands, and ate dinner at Wingers.

The next day we had her party with all of our family.  We ate hamburgers, opened presents and had cake and ice cream.  Mia loved being the center of attention.  

For Mia's cake we wanted to do some thing simple but pretty.  The little balls proved to be more difficult than we thought and didn't really stick to the cake.  I think it turned out great though! 

We had such a fun party and I loved that every one came to celebrate Mia and made it such a special day.  She completes our family and we are so grateful for her.