Monday, June 3, 2013

More From May

Here are a few more pics from May from my phone.  It was a very busy but very fun month.

Just riding in the car.  We sure love this cool kid!

Later in the day...asleep in the car with his shades still on.

Brandon and I celebrated our six year anniversary this month by spending a weekend in Park City.  We ate A LOT of food, saw Star Trek, shopped and slept in.  It was great!

These were our fridge provisions at the condo in Park City.  We are stocked up on the important things.

Alex had his first trip to the dentist this month.  I was a little nervous about how he would react but he was such a good boy.  The dentist said usually they can't do a full cleaning on the first visit but Alex was such a champ.  He did everything they asked and held still the whole time.  They also said his teeth look great!

Getting x-rays.

Watching the movie on the ceiling.

The dentist sure wore him out.  After we got home he fell right to sleep on the couch.

Living the good life.

Brandon is going to be mad I put this one on.

This was his time out face.

While shopping with aunt Bayley, Alex kept stopping and asking if I would take his picture.  He is one crazy kid!

Memorial Day With Some Dinosaurs

This Memorial Day we got to spend the day with the Clements side of the family.  We went up to Ogden to go to the dinosaur park.  It was a beautiful day and right up the boys' alley.  They had a lot of fun running from one dinosaur to the next while we tried to keep up.  

Roaring like a dinosaur.

Digging for bones.

Alex is happy anywhere he can run free and climb.

Going down the slide.

No caption needed here.

We ended the day with a delicious BBQ.  It was a great day.