Monday, October 17, 2011


On Saturday my sister Jen and I ran the SoJo (hip way of saying South Jordan) half-marathon. Unlike my other running experience I was very excited to run this race. I knew I could finish and was excited to be running it with someone. We started in Daybreak and ran a zigzagged but mostly flat course to Riverfront Parkway. Jen's pace was a little faster than mine but it was good for me to try and push it a little and I finished with a great time because of it. We finished at 2:22 which was a 10:51 average mile. Once again it was fun to see Brandon, Alex, my mom and sister Sarah waiting for us at the finish line. Overall it was a great experience and I am excited to do it again. I am sad that it will soon be too cold to run outside. Hopefully this great weather lasts a little longer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alex and Some Pumpkins

Alex is now 17 months old and we are on the countdown until he is 18 months old. Mostly because that means he will be able to attend nursery at church and we might be able to get through a whole 3 hour block of church without spending part of it chasing him in the hallway. This week we took Alex to a pumpkin patch. I followed Alex around with the camera while Brandon picked out the best pumpkins in the whole patch to take home to carve. We were successful on both accounts. Sorry for sooo many pictures, I just happen to think he is so cute!

Til We Meet Again

Sadly in Alex's short 17 months on this Earth he has attended 6 funerals, all for people on Brandon's side of the family. Granted he has a very big extended family but it is still sad to say goodbye to so many wonderful people. We attended two funerals in the last two weeks that were particularly hard. Last week Brandon's sweet 94 year old Grandma Gygi passed away. While her passing was thought to be a blessing I am sad that I wasn't able to know her better (she had some short term memory problems) and that Alex will not get to know her. Brandon and his family often tell stories of the incredible woman she was, raising 10 children while serving in the church, running a farm, and doing MANY other incredible things. She is a great example to us all.

Here is Fae on our wedding day.

We also mourned the passing of Kink, who is Brandon's great uncle but has always been a very close family member and friend to Brandon and his family. I was sad never to know his wife Shirley but know she was an incredible woman as well. We will very much miss Kink. He was often at Sunday dinners and never missed a birthday party or other family occasion. He was always quick to laugh, he told the best stories, and even gave the most inappropriate birthday cards. He did many incredible things in his life and was incredibly giving and charitable. He was also an incredible example for all of us.

Here is Kink undoubtedly sharing another funny story with his son Kevin and Gretchen and Cliff at Alex's first birthday party. It meant so much to us that he was there.

Fae Adamson Gygi


Robert Kingsley Clawson

July 2, 1927 - September 25, 2011