Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Backyard

We are so excited to have are backyard (mostly) done.  We now have grass, a fence and a patio to enjoy.  It is so much better than the mud and weeds we used to look out on.  Here are a few before pictures...

And after....

We had to wait three long weeks to actually be on the grass but today was finally the day.  Boo was especially excited because for the last year we have had to take her out to do her business on a leash.  She finally gets to roam free again.

The gravel area is set for a future deck that will probably come next spring.

Now we just need to add in trees, bushes and flowers and we will be all set.  We are so excited to enjoy the yard.

Swimming Lessons and Some Highs and Lows from the Last Month

Alex just finished up his first round of swimming lessons.  Last summer Alex was pretty timid around the water so we were anxious to help him become more comfortable.  We were so impressed at the improvement he made over the eight lessons.  He went from grasping on to his teacher to laying flat in the water on his back.  He learned to put his whole head in the water and even learned to jump into the water all by himself (the first week he had to be dropped in).  Most importantly he had a lot of fun and looked forward to his lessons each day.  

As usual my phone captured many of the highs and lows from the last month.  

One day at the grocery store I told Alex he could pick out a treat.  He excitedly proclaimed he wanted to get some pickles.  He also insisted on carrying them home.  

Doing some serious thinking in the car.

Alex -1  Ice Cream -0

One day this month we took Alex to Hollywood Connection to play some games and ride some rides.  Things started out great....

After a couple of hours Alex started to complain that his stomach hurt and that we needed to go home (which he never does).  We went upstairs to use the rest of our tokens and then take him home.  Before we had finished he threw up while I was holding him.  He was sick for the next 24 hours.  After a few days I got it and then Brandon.  It was not a fun weekend but we are glad it didn't last long.

Last Saturday we had our Ward Easter Egg Hunt.  Alex was very excited.  Now when we ask him to smile for a picture usually some weird face comes out.

Getting ready....

 On a father, son outing to get some ice cream.  Once again showing off his funny faces.

This was his choice for a treat after his last swimming lesson.  We sure love our little buddy!