Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Culdesac of Fire

As is the tradition the Everitt's hosted the Culdesac of Fire again this year.  We ate yummy food, played games, and then enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show.  Alex isn't in any of the first pictures because he was inside playing with Jaden's legos and refused to come outside.  Bubbles were the only thing to eventually coax him out.  

The kids used gummy sharks to bring Sharknado to life.  It was hilarious!

This might be my favorite picture ever. 

Post ice cream.

Thanks for a great night Everitts!

Some More Soccer

Alex has officially completed his first soccer season and we had so much fun watching him play.  Other than the occasional distraction he did a great job of staying focused and playing hard.  We are so proud of him.  

When the other team was kicking or throwing in the ball the kids would hold shoulders and make a wall.  It made me laugh every time.

I love the look this little girl is giving Alex.

 Look at that form!

In most of my photos Alex is making some pretty weird faces.

He was super excited to receive his medal after the last game.  We can't wait until next season!

4th of July

We had another great Independence day this year, especially because we got to celebrate all weekend long.  On the fourth just the three of us saw Despicable Me 2.  Then we spent the rest of the day with my family, playing games, eating and celebrating my mom's birthday.  We ended the night by seeing the fireworks in Murray.  Alex was so hyper all day long.  I kept waiting for him to pass out.  At the fireworks we spent most of the time running to the top of the hill and back down again.  I wish I had some of his energy.  Finally, on the way home he fell fast asleep in the car.  

The next day we headed up to Park City and spent the rest of the weekend with Brandon's family staying in their condo.  We spent most of Friday at the Park City Mountain Resort.  We rode the Alpine slides, did the zip line, and rode the roller coaster.  We went on the Alpine slides first.  After waiting in line forever and finally getting to the top Alex decided he did not want to do it.  I knew he would love it once we got going so I was the mean mom and made him go anyway.  He screamed and tried to run away until it was our turn to go. I'm pretty sure everyone else there thought I was horrible but I was right.  Once we got moving he loved it.  Later in the day he went on the roller coaster without complaint so I am glad I made him do it.

We went pretty slow so Brandon caught up with us.

Me on the zip line

Brandon on the zip line

When these three boys get together they are just a little bit crazy.  We also got family pictures that weekend, went swimming, and had a BBQ.  It was tons of fun!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Very Full June

      June was another very busy month.  We packed it full of fun activities.  This year a lot of my family got a Pass of all Passes and have been enjoying using them all around town.  Brandon, Alex and I spent a day at Seven Peaks.  Alex wasn't a huge fan of the water slides (he liked them until splashing in the water at the end) but we still had a lot of fun playing the water.  He would have stayed at the water playground the whole day.  

We also took another trip Wheeler Farm.  We made the kids pose for a few pictures while we were there and had a lot of fun.

The following pictures Mindi took.  They turned out great!

We also celebrated Fathers Day this month.  Sadly this was one of the few pictures I took.  We are so grateful for Brandon and what a great Daddy he is! 

Bayley, Alex and I took a trip to the Aviary.  I couldn't remember having been there before so it was fun to see.  Alex, of course, had fun climbing on things and running around.

We have been playing a lot with cousins and new friends this month.  It has been fun to make new friends in our new neighborhood.

Alex also started soccer this month.  We have been so excited for this and sure enough he loves it.  I am really impressed at how enthusiastic and focused he is at his games.  He does a great job running after the ball and listening to his coach.

He also keeps us laughing during the games with his crazy antics.

Finally, this month we also spent a very hot day down at Trafalga.  We rode a few rides and Alex even tried Laser Tag, which he loved.

Luckily, there is still a lot of summer left to have a lot more fun!