Saturday, August 2, 2014

July According to Our Phones

I think we took a record amount of pictures during July.  It was a great month for our family of course.  Here are some highlights. 
The best of all, Mia joined our family. 

 Most of the pictures on my phone are of Alex holding Mia.  He always wants to hold her. 
Even Spiderman gets tired.

Playing Ghostbusters.

Baby smiles.

One of the few outings those first few weeks, we went to get snow cones. 

During July our power went out on two separate occasions.  Besides getting very hot and being very boring, it was an adventure to feed Mia by candlelight. 

More weird sleeping pictures.

On Brandon's side of the family we added three babies in the last six months.  Luckily we have a couple of girls now to balance out all the crazy boys. 



While at Sunday dinner one week the boys decided it was a great day to go swimming.  Unfortunately they hadn't brought their swimming suits so this happened instead.  Crazy boys!  It all ended with a joint shower in which they chanted "naked shower" over and over again. 
Brandon and I attempted to take both kids out shopping one day.  We wanted to hit several stores.  When we pulled up to the first store this is how they were.  Instead Brandon and I just took turns running into each store. 

Today Mia is one month old.  It makes me so sad because she is getting so big so fast.  She seems to be the opposite of Alex who didn't grow much the first six months.  She is already filling out her 0-3 month clothes and will probably be in the next size up pretty soon.  The plus side is she is sleeping a lot and is a very happy, easy going baby. 

We were super excited we found Brandon's coke.  However we were too cheap to buy it since we already have lots of coke at home. 
No summer is complete without an ice cream from the ice cream man.


Friday, August 1, 2014

And Some More Pictures of Mia

When Mia was 8 days we took her to get her pictures taken at a studio.  Pretty much everything that could go wrong at the shoot did.  She did more than one large poop getting it all over Brandon in the process.  She peed, spit up, and her umbilical cord even fell off getting blood on some of the props.  To top it all off we could not get her to stay asleep.  She was not a fan of being naked and unwrapped.  We ended up going back for a second try a few days later and the results were pretty much the same.  Despite all that we got some pretty cute pictures. 

Cul-de-sac of Fire 2014

We were still in the hospital with Mia on the 4th of July so we were excited to get to celebrate the 24th with the usual Cul-de-sac of Fire hosted by the Everitts.  It was a very fun time as usual.  We ate yummy food, played some games, admired the cute new babies, and enjoyed the fireworks. 
Cousins holding cousins.

Mia sleeping in a very comfortable position. 

This was the only picture I got of Alex near the fireworks.  This year he was not a fan of being so close to them.