Thursday, March 31, 2016


March was such a fun month.  Despite the fact that the weather was pretty crappy most of the month we had a lot of fun.

We started out the month by going to Frozen on Ice.  Despite Alex's sad face he was actually very excited and really liked the show.  At first he was a little upset that it was Frozen but all the boys actually really liked it.

We were worried about how Mia would do in the show being forced to hold still for several hours but she loved it.  She was mesmerized most of the show and didn't even move until the very end.  It was great!

After the show we headed up to Logan to celebrate Max's birthday.  Alex was especially excited to get to spend more time with them and try out their tramp.  

One night during the month we got to take Alex to a Jazz game since he played Jr. Jazz this year.  It was so fun to go on a little date with just him.  He was very excited to run up all these stairs and then was very tired by the top.

The best part was of course the treats.

He was exhausted by the time we got home and fell sound asleep in the car.

Also, this month our ward was hosting a drive in movie for the kids.  They were supposed to decorate cardboard boxes as cars and bring them to watch a movie in.  Brandon put his skills to work and made Alex an awesome car.  Alex had a great time decorating it.  

Brandon was working that night and I didn't want to take Mia by myself so our kind neighbors took Alex along with them.  He had a great time.

The day before St. Patrick's day this year Alex suddenly decided he needed to make a Leprechaun trap.  Luckily he already had a plan in mind and put the whole thing together by himself.  It was pretty cute.  

I'm not sure why whenever I tell him to pose with something this is how he lays.  He did a great job though.

Unfortunately his trap narrowly missed the Leprechaun but he left Alex and Mia some green treats anyway.  

Later in the month we headed up to Logan once again.  This time it was Mikah's birthday party.  

He was mad I asked him to smile with the sun in his eyes.

Mia wasn't too sure about the tramp but if someone would sit on with her she loved it.

Brandon had worked the night before so he had to do all his sleeping in the car.  At one point on the way home everyone was asleep but me.

 Despite the cold weather we did make it out one day to fly Alex's kite.

This year Easter was in March, which I am not a fan of but we had a great holiday anyway.  We started off the celebrations on Saturday with the Hettinger side of the family.  The kids had their traditional egg hunt and then we decorated eggs.  

I was surprised at how quickly Mia picked up on the egg hunting.  She loved it.  

Checking out a hard boiled egg.

Egg decorating madness.

On Easter morning we were excited to see that the bunny had come.  Alex awoke bright and early to find his basket and some eggs that were left around the house.   

When Mia finally got up Alex helped her find her basket and some eggs as well.  He is such a sweet brother.

Trying to see through those pesky bangs.

Before heading to church we attempted to get some pictures of these crazies in their cute Easter outfits.  Mia wasn't super into it.  Poor Alex did his best! 

Many of the pictures turned out like this but we did get a few cute ones.

 It was so windy!

Discovering the candy in the eggs.

Finally, after church we headed to the Clements house and had a delicious dinner and another egg hunt.  

Very patiently awaiting their baskets from Grandma and Grandpa.

I always seem to capture the best moments on my phone.  Here are a few of my favorites from the month.  

Brandon and I teach nursery at church.  I'm not surprised that all the ladies love Brandon.  On this Sunday these girls spent most of the day huddled around him.