Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

This weekend was Alex's first big holiday. It was very busy celebrating both Grandma and Grandpa's birthday and the birth of our nation. He even got to try out swimming for the first time.

Here he is decked out in his independence day gear. Brandon was not thrilled about it.

We spent about 20 minutes getting Alex ready to go swimming. This included putting a much too big swim diaper over his regular diaper and lathering his entire body in a thick layer of sun block. This was all for about 90 seconds of swimming.

His first moments in the pool...not sure what to think.

Deciding it is cold and not too fun...

...and he is done.

Recovering from the swimming torture with Grandpa.

Alex's first fireworks. He was mildly impressed.

So tired by the end of the night.

Enjoying some time with his cousin Mikah.

Photo Shoot

Last week my very kind sister in law, Mindi came over and took some pictures of Alex. They turned out so cute even though he wasn't happy for very long. Here are a few of my favorites.