Thursday, June 30, 2011


Alex is a great eater. There is not much he will refuse in the food department. But he especailly LOVES blueberries. No matter how many I give him he gobbles them up immediately.

Just the beginning...

This Summer...

Last summer, because Alex was only a few months old we were hermits and only saw the sun a few times. This year we have had so much fun already. We have been to the zoo, hiking, Wheeler Farm twice, swimming three times, BBQs, and out to lunch a lot visiting with friends and family.

Here are some highlights from this last week.

We went swimming three times in just five days. We had to take advantage of the pool before my sisters are no longer official residents and no longer have access. Alex loves the water. He is so comfortable in the water he often tries to wiggle away from us so he can swim on his own. Here he is borrowing his cousin's floaty.

We also took another trip to Wheeler Farm this week. This time with all the cousins on the Hettinger side. It was fun to see the animals again.

It is lots of fun to have our little buddy to enjoy the summer with.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day weekend. On Father's day we were able to spend time with both our fathers. We are so lucky to have them in our lives.
Alex and I are especially lucky to have Brandon in our family. He is the best dad and husband. We love him!

Ensign Peak

On Saturday we hiked Ensign Peak with my family. It was fun to enjoy the nice weather and to get outside.

This was our first time using the baby bjorn. Alex enjoyed the ride.
Taking a break.

Boo even came along for the fun.

The view from the top.

the zoo

On Saturday we took a trip to the zoo with Brandon's family. It was extra fun because it was Alex's first trip to the zoo and they had lots of dinosaurs to see. We were glad we got there right when they opened because it got very busy.

Grandpa, Mikah, and Alex looking at the first dinosaur.

Alex wasn't really into posing for so many pictures.

The Merry Go Round was one of the high lights of the day.

Riding with Aunt Nikole.

Even Max had some fun.

Looking at the big T-Rex.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yay for Better Weather

The weather has FINALLY gotten better and we have been able to get outside and have some fun this week.

We went on a walk around our neighborhood. You can tell by their expressions how much fun Brandon and Alex are having.

We also took a trip to Wheeler Farm this week. Again, Alex was bursting with excitement.

He looked at most of the animals with passive indifference.

The giant turkey impressed him a little more.

Petting a bunny.

I am feeding the ducks and Alex is feeding himself.

Wilson also came over this week to play. This was my best attempt to get everyone in the picture and looking at me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally a Family Picture...and then some

It only took us a year to get some family pictures taken but we finally did it. I had seen other peoples pictures from Fotofly and really liked them. They are also pretty inexpensive comparably so we decided to give them a try. Overall it was a good experience. As usual Alex didn't want to hold still but we got a few good ones out of him.