Friday, December 2, 2016


November seemed like a busy month that flew by but I don't have lot of pictures to prove it.  Mia, Alex and Brandon each had colds during the month but luckily we weren't too sick.  

Brandon has been saving up gift cards he gets from work to get this Ghostbusters Lego set.  To say it was huge is an understatement.  Alex was so excited to help him put it together.  

Brandon was nice enough to let Alex help with every step.  It took them most of the month to finish.  This was a picture of all the Lego pieces before they got started.

We went on a very fun date night with some of our neighbors.  We went to dinner at Iggy's and then bowling and then to get ice cream.  It was such a fun night.

We also got to go to a Utah basketball game.  It was a lot of fun.

Alex trying out one of his Halloween prizes ... bloody vampire teeth.

We've been meaning to go to the Living Planet Aquarium for months and finally made it this month.  When we saw how much it cost to get in we realized why we never come.  It was fun though! 

Alex loves to pose for pictures.

Mia and Alex each got a souvenir.

Then had a tea party with them the next day.

Our cute neighbor had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving party for the neighborhood kids the day before Thanksgiving.  We watched the movie and ate popcorn, toast, strawberry shakes and jelly beans just like in the show.  It was a lot of fun!

Thanksgiving was a little weird this year.  We only went to one house and the Everitt's were missing.  We enjoyed seeing Moana on Thanksgiving but missed seeing all our family.  

Since Mia ate her weight in fruit snacks during the movie she was too into eating at dinner.

Mia loves her aunts and loves their devices!

We babysat our cute neighbor Ari and Mia was in heaven.  She followed her around the whole time.  She also insisted on wearing her "Belle" shoes the whole day.

Our kids were so excited for a real snow storm so they could play outside.  Mia wasn't too sure at first but ended up loving it.  

I love that they are both giving me the same face.

Hot chocolate is a must after playing in the snow.  Mia liked the marshmallows.

Buddy the Elf came back!

While Alex was off track he did another round of swimming lessons.  He is still a little timid in the water but getting a lot better.  He was excited to be in the big kid class this time.

We also did a lot of playing with cousins while they were off track.  We are not excited to go back to school next week.

We finally got Alex's school pictures back.  We had to get retakes so he had a full head of hair the second time.  I think they turned out cute and he is looking so grown up.  We also had parent teacher conferences right before he went off track.  He got a glowing report from both of his teachers and is loving taking French.  We are sure proud of him! 

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Mia surprised us and actually held still long enough for us to take her picture on Halloween so we took a lot.  I just love these two! 

Our beautiful Belle! 

Our cute little Dipper!

Alex had to have a picture with his "journal".

Alex also wanted a picture in the graveyard.

After the pictures we were ready to head out. First, we headed to trick or treat at Grandma Hettingers and Sarah, Jen and Bayley's.

Dipper and Eleven

We were shocked at how into Trick or Treating Mia was. She very slowly walked to each house. She said, "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Halloween" to almost everyone.  She wouldn't let me carry her and didn't want to stop.  She kept saying, "Let's keep going!" We finally had to distract her with candy so Alex could sneak back out again with Sadie and move a little faster. It was so fun!

Alex counted all his candy again this year. This year he had 106 pieces which was three more than last year. Good thing he had stolent so much from Sarah, Jen and Bayley.  He never eats much of it but is sure excited to get it.

It was a successful night!