Thursday, December 3, 2015

Good Riddance November

November was not our favorite month this year.   Each of us were sick at one point during the month and we ended up having to miss Thanksgiving altogether.  Brandon and I both got very sick and seemed to experience every symptom in the book at one point or another.  We are so happy to be (mostly) recovered now.  There were still a few highlights from the month however.

We finally had our first snowstorm at the beginning of the month.  By the time Alex got home from school this was all the snow that was left on the ground.  He was determined to play in it though.  He mostly got cold and muddy but the hot chocolate at the end made it all worth it.

We all got to attend at Utah basketball game thanks to the Everitts.  This was Mia's first game and it was a lot of fun.  They even won so we must be good luck.

I just wanted to document that I actually do Mia's hair before we leave the house.  However, she has usually pulled it out in the car and it looks like a crazy mess before we even get anywhere.

What most of our month looked like.  Alex got the sickness first.  Luckily his only lasted a couple of days.

We were never quite sure if Mia also got sick or was just teething.  She never really seemed to get any symptoms but didn't sleep great for a few nights and didn't eat much for a few days.  Luckily she also got over it pretty quickly.

Mia is the best for random hugs.

Our lemon, honey concoction in hopes of getting rid of our sore throats.  My throat has never hurt so bad.  

On Thanksgiving morning we still had a picnic inside and watched the parade.

Alex had been better for a few days so we were able to take him to Grandma Clements house for dinner.  He was so excited for his Thanksgiving "feast" and I was happy he didn't have to miss it.  Plus, he never wants to miss an opportunity to hang out with Mikah and Max.  Brandon and I were very sad to miss it.  Luckily we scored a few leftovers.

One of the few highlights of this month was that Alex was out of school which means we got to do swimming lessons.  This time he was in Wilson's class and Sadie was nearby which made it lots of fun.  

Finally, Mia has now discovered Frozen and like every little girl in the world she is completely enamored with it.  Here she is dancing and singing to "Let It Go."