Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simple Joys

This past week we had some new things happen. They may seem simple but they were very exciting to us.

The most exciting was that on Sunday, Alex made it through the full three hour block of church without spending any time in the hall. Although Brandon and I were the librarians this week so he got to run around a little then. But during the last hour of church Alex fell asleep in Brandon's arms. This is something he has not done since he was 6 months old. Since it was a 5th Sunday we both got to enjoy some time holding him while he slept. Alex is a great sleeper but only in his bed so I relished the time I got to hold him sleeping in my arms. It may never happen again.

I stole a few quick pictures with my phone.

Also, this week we upgraded Alex to a bigger car seat. He was finally too long for his baby one. Now he is facing forward and we love being able to actually see him in the car. He loves it too.

On Memorial Day we had grand plans to go to the Zoo with Brandon's family and see the dinosaurs but since the weather was so sketchy we decided to just see a movie instead. I was a little nervous to take Alex because we haven't taken him to a movie since he was a newborn and holding still is not one of his strongest qualities. We saw Kung Fu Panda 2 and to our surprise he did great. He got a little fussy towards the end of the movie but stayed in our laps the whole time. It is crazy how much he has grown up in just a year.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The following post has no pictures of Alex in it...

...so most, if not all of you are probably not interested in reading it. But that's ok, I'm going to post it anyway. This last weekend Brandon and I were able to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks late. Now that Alex's birthday has usurped the day I am sure most years will be like this. We decided to spend the weekend in Park City and let Alex have his first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Clements' house. We stayed at Brandon's uncles condo, window shopped on main street, spent some time in the hot tub, did some actual shopping at the outlets, and ate some amazing steak. The restaurant was the only place I remembered to take pictures.

We ate at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. For those of you that have been lucky enough to eat there know how delicious it is. It definitely costs a pretty penny but is totally worth it.

The perfect filet.

Sideways picture of our dessert. Molten chocolate cake with caramel. So good!

Brandon and I have been married for four years now. It has been the best four years. He is really the perfect husband and makes life so much fun. I'm so excited for the next four years.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holding Still

If you know Alex (or any other one year old) you know he is rarely holding still. He is always exploring new areas and playing with toys. Sundays can be especially hard days for us because we usually have to wake him up for 9:00 church where for three hours we struggle to keep him occupied and in one place. Next, he usually has time for a quick nap before heading off to one of his Grandparents house for Sunday dinner where he loves playing with his cousins and Aunts and Uncles. By the time we get home on Sunday night we are all very tired. So last Sunday Brandon and I couldn't believe it when we saw Alex laying still watching tv by himself while we unloaded the car.

It didn't even phase him that I was constantly taking photos of him.

Playing Peek-a-Boo with me.

After leaving again for a few minutes I came back and found him like this.

Only Clubhouse Mickey could hold his attention for this long.

All ready for bed in his pirate pajamas and with his dinosaur blanket.

Friday, May 13, 2011



For almost a month now Alex has been attempting walking by taking a step or two. But just in time for his birthday he is officially walking. He can now stand up on his own and walk around. I have taken some video of it that I will try and post but for now the photo documentation will have to do.

He was getting frustrated with me because I would step further back everytime he caught up with me.

Alex also went to the doctor this week for his one year old check up. Here are the stats:

Weight: 21 lbs 9 oz 31st percentile

Height: 30" 59th percentile

Head: 19.1 in 95th percentile

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alex is One

Because of awesome Blogger my last few posts were erased so this is the second time I am typing this.

One year ago on May 9th Brandon and I were celebrating our third wedding anniversary, I was celebrating my first mother's day and having a baby all on the same day. One year later this weekend was just as busy and just as exciting. Sorry there are a lot of pictures on this post, I just couldn't choose.

On Saturday, May 7th we had our families over to celebrate Alex's birthday. Here is the invite.

Final Preparations.

This is the cake Brandon made for Alex. It took a lot of hours but turned out amazing.

The top was made of cereal treats and fondant. The bottom was made of cake and fondant.

We were so lucky to have so many people come and share in Alex's special day.

Opening Presents. Alex received enough presents to last the rest of his childhood. Thanks everybody!

Alex loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to him.

Blowing out the candle with Daddy.

His first bites of cake.

Getting the hang of it.

Thanks to his Aunt Stephanie Alex enjoyed some ice cream as well. Things went down hill from there.

Turns out the plate is delicious too.

Everyone else enjoyed the cake as well.

Alex was on a sugar high that made his bath extra fun.

On his actual birthday Alex enjoyed playing with his new toys.
Brandon and I gave him one more present on his birthday. It is a pirate ship.

Eating more cake on his birthday in a more civilized way.

Playing with his new pirate ship.

On May 9th Brandon and I were also celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. We all went out to eat as a family.

We had such a fun weekend celebrating with family. We are so lucky to have Alex in our family. He is such a good baby. We love him!