Friday, May 22, 2015

Preschool Graduation

This week Alex graduated from preschool.  He has grown and learned so much in the last two years while attending preschool.  We will miss his teacher Miss Joey but we are excited for Kindergarten.  We are so proud of the awesome kid he has become! 

Saying his part...

Receiving his diploma...He said when he grows up he wants to be a dad! 

Finally, I love listening to Alex's little reading voice.  He is getting good! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Alex Turns 5!

    Last week Alex turned five years old.  We celebrated all weekend long and had a lot of fun.  I am so proud of our little buddy and can't believe how grown up he is becoming.  I am definitely enjoying watching him mature.  He is reading, loves playing with friends and cousins, is athletic and has become an amazing big brother.  He loves to play Legos, loves Star Wars, and loves watching random videos on YouTube.  More than once during the weekend he said, "Mom, even though I'm five, I'll always be your baby."  
     To kick off the celebrations we let him choose anywhere to eat and he chose McDonalds.  This was only the second time we've ever taken him to McDonalds.  Brandon and I didn't exactly enjoy it but Alex sure did.  

The next request was for pancakes and sausage.

On Friday Alex had a friend birthday party.  He has wanted it at Jump n' Bounce since he went to a friends party there almost a year ago.  Brandon and I were excited because it meant no work for us! 

These boys were so great and well behaved.  We just had to walk around and watch them.  It was hilarious to watch them.  At first they had tons of energy and ran full speed from thing to thing.  We went during school hours so the place was almost empty.  After three long hours they finally started to slow down. It was a lot of fun!

Mia was a trooper and hung out for all three hours as well.  She refused to go to sleep but never got cranky.

Finally, Saturday was the big day.  Alex opened our presents as soon as he got up.

Brandon even got up early to go get him birthday donuts as requested.

After breakfast Alex noticed there was one more present.  It led him on a little scavenger hunt around the house finally leading to the basement...

Here a new bike was waiting for him.  He was funny and at first pretended not to see it.  Then he had a good time trying it out in the basement since it was pouring outside.

Lastly, we had all of our family over to celebrate with us.  Alex requested a Guardians of the Galaxy cake.  Brandon delivered!  He made an amazing dancing baby Groot cake.  Alex loved it!

The birthday boy waiting for his guests.

Showing off his new bike.

For the menu he requested pizza, salad, fruit, and blue Doritos.  

A pinata inside.

Alex was not super thrilled about getting shoes.

The next day was mother's day and despite how busy we were Brandon still spoiled me and made it a very special day!  

Alex had made a few gifts at preschool for me.  When he got home from school on Thursday he made sure to get them out of his backpack and hide them before I saw them.  

I'm so grateful for the chance to be a mother to these two.  It is such a privilege and so much fun.

Pretty flowers from Brandon.