Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Fun

Sadly our winter break had to come to an end and it's now back to work. Working full time, taking two night classes, being the secretary in a new ward's relief society all with a baby on the way has left us more than a little busy. In other words the next post you may see might just be in three months announcing that our baby has been born. Hopefully I will do better than that! Here are some picture highlights of the last few months.

Our first year of Christmas lights. Brandon did a great job.

This is our sad attempt at a Christmas tree. Boo ate several of the lights causing them not to work. Also, notice the placement of the ornaments. They all had to be about half way up the tree so Boo wouldn't eat those too.

Another fun surprise we occasionally come home to.

Wilson amidst his Christmas haul.

New Years Eve game night

Past Jessica's bed time!

After Boo plays outside this is how she often returns. Good thing she is cute.