Monday, September 5, 2016


August was a fun month.  Alex had a lot of time off school so we were able to have a lot of fun playing.  

While Alex was still in school at the beginning of the month I got a call from school that he had thrown up.  Luckily when I got there I found that he hadn't thrown up but just felt like he was going to.  I honestly think he just got a little sun stroke from lunch recess.  After resting a bit at home he was back to normal.  He wasn't super excited to learn that you didn't get to come home and play toys if you come home from school sick.  

At the last minute Brandon decided that he needed to see Weird Al since he was coming in concert to the Red Butte Gardens.  Luckily he found some tickets online and we were able to go.  It ended up being a ton of fun.  Weird Al is quite the performer!  We were only sad that we didn't take Alex, he would have loved it too.

One Sunday the kids found a bird in Grandma's backyard that was having trouble flying.  They were all very concerned.

Kenzie showing off her impressive skills.

Boo looking glamorous after her hair cut.

This month Alex took part in a Soccer camp that lasted three nights.  Each night Mia and I got to go watch him.  It was actually a lot of fun.  We sat outside and played.  She loved taking pictures of herself.

Alex and his cute buddy Carter.

Mia looking so peaceful.

This month we took a trip downtown with the cousins and ate lunch at City Creek and visited the Church History Museum.  Brandon even got to meet us for lunch.  

The Church History Museum was a lot of fun.  They had a kids area that was especially cool.

Also, this month we went on a group date with some of our neighbors.  We did an Escape room.  They put you in a room and you have to solve puzzles to find the key to get out.  We had 45 minutes to complete it and we finished with 17 minutes left.  It was a lot of fun.  

We discovered this month that Mia has been slowly pulling out all the fluff from one of her dolls.  She has been stuffing all the fluff behind her crib.  Crazy girl!

We also celebrated Brandon's birthday this month which means a few weeks of celebrating.  First we celebrated with my family.

While Alex was out of school we spent a few days up in Park City at the condo.  They were very excited!

We did a lot of swimming while we were there.  Both Alex and Mia loved the water.  Alex has improved a lot in his swimming so it was fun to swim as a family.  I hope Mia doesn't get nervous in the water like Alex used to.  

Organizing her toys.

One of the days we spent most of the day at the Olympic Park.  We had actually never been before and it was a ton of fun.  It was really cool to check out the athletes training on the ski jumps.

They had a ton of fun things to do but Alex's favorite was the ropes course.  It was actually pretty tough but he ended up doing it three times.  

There wasn't much for poor Mia to do.  She mostly waited around for Alex to do things but was happy anyway.

You can also go tubing down the big ski jumps.  Brandon did the bigger ones and Alex got to do a littler one.  

It was a successful day!

Alex went to three birthday parties this month.  One of them was a late night movie party.  They watched a movie outside and even got to have his face painted.  Alex was a half T-Rex and a half skeleton.  It was pretty awesome!

Also this month the Hettingers hosted another Murder Mystery dinner.  This time it was Harry Potter themed which made it awesome.  

Brandon was Harry Potter, I was Ginny and Alex was Remus Lupin.  He loved being able to rip up his clothes to look like a werewolf.

Finally on Brandon's birthday we dropped off the kids at Maryann and Stephanie's.  They spoiled him with some awesome presents and even an Indiana Jones cake.  

Alex happens to be super into Indiana Jones right now so he was just a bit jealous that Brandon got some Indiana Jones Legos.  Luckily Brandon has let him play them a lot.

While the kids played Brandon and I set a new record and saw three movies.  We also ate delicious food at the Hu Hot.  It was a fun day! 

While playing on the playground Mia took the time to slide each one of Alex's cars down the slide.  After each one she would say, "that's awesome!"