Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Few From Our Phones

As always our phones have been filling up with pictures of all the adventures we have been on this summer.  I thought I better put some on the blog before there were too many.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Alex as Iron Man

Asleep in Park City.

Doughnut Time

Brandon and me playing the Ninja Turtle board game.  (I won).

Belle and Sebastian at the Twilight Concert Series.  Good music and good people watching.

Swimming on the 24th.  

On the 24th of July this year we didn't go see fireworks because Brandon had to work early the next morning.  Instead we climbed up on our roof and watched the many firework shows throughout the valley.  We even had a pretty good show right in our neighborhood.  I made Brandon take some pictures to prove that I actually made it onto the roof.  It may be a one time thing.  

Also, in July we went to Kamas to have dinner with family and then see the Demolition Derby.  This was a first for us and I have to say it was pretty entertaining.  

Alex would get a little bored in between the crashes but overall thought it was pretty cool.  

Story time.

In August we took our first camping trip as a family.  We figured the ward campout would be an easy way to go.  As we expected, Alex loved it.  He loved running around outdoors, eating smores, and most of all sleeping in the tent.  

Sadie and Alex at my Grandma's birthday party.