Thursday, March 5, 2015

8 Months

       Mia is now 8 months.  It is crazy how much she has grown in a month.  Even though Mia has been rolling and dragging herself slowly for a while now she is now officially mobile.  She is now crawling all over our house and we are learning to keep up with her.  Getting pictures of her sitting cute and still are a thing of the past.  Every picture of her I tried to take was either of her crawling or about to crawl.  It is also so much fun to see her personality start to develop.  She is always talking and will now wave and clap.  She is eating great.  We are having fun trying lots of new fruits and vegetables.  She definitely favors the fruits.  She has also learned to feed herself puffs.  She loves playing toys, especially whatever Alex is playing with.  She is such a joy and I wish time would just slow down.  We love our little bug! 

Got to love teething slobber!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Busy February

February has been a crazy month in our house.  We can't complain though, because we have been having lots of fun.  

Early in the month we spent a Saturday in Logan.  We celebrated Nikole's birthday and visited Hardware Ranch to see the Elk.  It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun.  

Three trouble makers.

We had a fun family outing to Cold Stone.

We loved getting outside during the beautiful weather early in the month.

We have always wanted to add a backsplash to our kitchen and this month we finally got it done.  After hours and hours spent at Lowe's in the tile isle we finally picked what we wanted and we love the way it turned out.  

Before pictures....

After pictures....

We are in the process of touching up the wall after removing the old 3 inch granite backsplash.

We also added a banner that I made to Mia's room.

We had a very fun Valentines day this month.  Here Alex is enjoying the spoils from his Valentines party at preschool.  He got some tattoos and some fun dip.  

Opening some Valentine surprises.

Brandon made me a delicious breakfast and surprised me with flowers and chocolate covered strawberries he made himself.  

Any excuse to take pictures of my cute kids...

We celebrated the day as a family and went out to eat some delicious Chinese Food.

Alex and Mia enjoyed our time shopping.

 Alex also took another round of swimming lessons this month.  He is pretty funny.  He is still pretty timid in the water but loves going to his swimming lessons.

We had to document this.  Just like Alex was, Mia is a great sleeper at home in her bed but not so great at sleeping in our arms which makes Church a little tricky.  One week though she actually fell asleep in my arms.  I know it won't be long before this never happens again so I treasure it when it does.

Playing with cousins at Grandma's house. 

I had to document some of Brandon's awesome pancake skills.  He is very talented.  Here is a bug and a bunny.

We snuck in another trip to the park before the weather really got cold last week.  We are so lucky to live right by this amazing park.  Alex could have stayed here all day.

Mia got to visit with her best friend Claire last week.  They are about a month a part and make a very cute pair.