Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our House

Despite this awful weather our house is really coming along.  It has been so fun to go visit each week and see all the changes.  The weather has made it so they haven't been able to do the outside yet but they are really moving on the inside.  We are expecting to move in by mid March.  

There are more updated pictures on our new home blog as well.  They are currently putting up all the trim. 

January According to My Phone

I have to admit that I am quite happy this is the last day of January.  This month has dragged on and I am definitely sick of this weather.  Hopefully February will bring a little more sunshine.  Despite this we did have some fun this month.  Here is are some highlights according to my cell phone.  

Alex looking cool as usual.

We took Alex sledding for the first time.  I suggested we go to a park with small hills since it was his first time.  Brandon would not have that and of course Alex loved going down the huge hill.

In this video Alex and Brandon are going off a jump.  Even though they fall off Alex is immediately up and racing back up the hill to go again.  He did this every time.

Brandon and I also took a trip up to Park City to enjoy the Sundance Film Festival.  It is some thing we have always wanted to do but never have.  We enjoyed some dinner at Bandits before our very late movie.  

We saw the Premier of a movie starring George Michael (Michael Cera).  We were very excited to see him there.  We also saw Maeby and a few other B list celebrities.  It was pretty exciting.  The movie itself was pretty weird but it was a fun experience that we will have to repeat.

 Unfortunately we also hung inside a lot this month as well.  Alex and I both were sick and managed to pass it on to Sarah as well.

Alex and I also attended story time at our local library.  It is pretty fun.  This picture is when the kids were melting like snowmen.

Then it was time to dance.  

These pictures make me laugh.  Most of the kids were attentively listening to the story while Alex rolled around in the background.  In truth though, there were several other kids being worse the Alex and running around the room.  At least he was holding still.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Eve

We spent New Years Eve with my family this year.   We played games, ate a lot of food and Alex even got to sleep over.  As usual it was a lot of fun.  

The days since Christmas have been spent inside (keeping away from the cold) playing lots of toys.  

Alex woke up one night last week throwing up and sick.  He spent the next day recovering and sleeping on the couch.  At one point he sort of slunk off the couch and just slept on the floor.  Luckily his sickness didn't stay long and he was feeling better by the afternoon.  

Here is a shot of our house.  They are really moving along now.  This was taken about a week ago.  I don't have an updated picture yet but they are just about finished framing.  We are very excited!

Christmas Nativity

This year we concluded our Christmas celebration with our annual Nativity play.  As usual it was a little ridiculous but reminded us of why we celebrate at this time of year.  

Temple Lights

Once again the Hettinger clan spent a night in December visiting Temple Square to see all the beautiful lights. Like last year we started of at the Grand America Hotel to do their scavenger hunt and earn a cookie.  

Next, we stopped off for some dinner at the very crowded food court at City Creek.  Good thing for electronic devices to entertain us while we wait.