Tuesday, June 30, 2015


June came out of no where to be a very busy but very fun month for us.  It was filled with birthday parties and dinosaurs.  It was a great way to kick off the summer.  Here are just a few pictures from the month...

My view while vacuuming.  Mia is still afraid of the vacuum.  I have to carry her around in the the baby bjorn which quickly becomes very heavy.  

Alex hurt his toe while playing at a neighbor's house.  It was pretty nasty.  He milked it for all it was worth, asking to be carried around a lot.  

We have had some much fun having a splash pad so close by.

Mia also got in on the action but I didn't get a picture of her until we got home.

Mia's best friend Claire turned one!

Yet another birthday party.  I think we went to 5 this month.

This was the month of the dinosaur.  Alex got very into watching the old Jurassic Park movies and watched them all month long!

He then begged us to take him to the new one.  We all loved it!

Playing dinosaurs in his playground.

Baseball closing ceremonies.  Alex and his cute friend Carter.

This summer Lowe's is doing a bunch a free Avengers crafts.  The first one was an Iron Man jet.  Alex had a lot of fun building.

This month we also went to the Zoo with some of the Clements family.  They had a lot of dinosaurs out which made it extra exciting.  

Digging for bones.

Also this month we took a trip to the condo in Park City.  This was the first time we took the kids.  It was so much fun.  

We spent one of the days at the Park City Mountain Resort.  We did the Alpine Slide, the roller coaster, the mini zip line and even did some mini-golf.  It was great to be up in the mountains where it wasn't quite so hot.  Alex loved all the rides and Mia had a good time hanging out.

After spending two days in the sun we thought Mia was a little dehydrated.  After Alex got the same thing a few days later we realized she probably just had a bug.  Luckily it didn't bother her too much.  She still slept great and even gave me some extra cuddles.

We love this beautiful place!  This is the view from the condo balcony. 

Watching Jurassic Park...again.

All for a three day stay.  Babies require a lot of stuff.

We also saw Inside Out this month.  It was very cute.

We celebrated our favorite dad this month as well.  

We love you Daddy!

Grandpa opening presents on Father's Day.  The kids had fun decorating his head.

We love summer nights!

Delilah turned one at the end of the month.  This year went so fast!

Finally, at the end of the month we finally made it out to "Herriman Beach" with some friends.  It was very hot but so fun to play in the sand and water.  I am sure we will be going back soon!