Friday, May 23, 2014


It has been another year of firsts for Alex and now some of those firsts are coming to an end.  On Mondays and Wednesdays Alex was a part of a play group.  We took turns at each house and had a lot of fun learning and playing.  On the last day at our house I braved a little painting and attempted to get them all in one picture.  

 Carter, Sofia, Monte and Alex

Alex also finished his first year of preschool this week.  They had a little graduation to celebrate.  I can't believe how much Alex has learned and grown over the last year.  He has learned so much including all of his letters and sounds.  He loved his teacher Miss Joey and made some new friends in his class.  Luckily he gets to go back next fall for some more fun.  

A Lego Birthday Bash

Since Alex is a little obsessed with Legos lately we decided to throw a Lego themed birthday party.  We had the brilliant idea to invite both our families plus some of Alex's friends.  It was definitely a crazy time but Alex had a blast and was in heaven being the center of attention of so many people.  

Once again Brandon made an amazing birthday cake.  

We also had a lot of fun decorating with the Lego theme.

The gift bags were a lot of  fun.  They had some toys, Lego crayons and even some Lego candy in them.  

The pictures cannot capture the craziness that was going on.  Two hours flew by.

We, including Boo were exhausted when it was all over.

Alex on the other hand still had enough energy to enjoy his new toys.

On top of everything else this weekend it was our anniversary and Mother's Day.  Brandon got me some beautiful flowers to celebrate.