Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kickoff to Fall

I'm not sure Brandon agrees but my favorite way to kick off the fall season is by going to the State Fair.  It was perfect weather and we had a lot of fun.  

 Notice Mia's eyes are much wider as Alex got closer.

The downside of being an only child for so long.  He has no one to go on the rides with.  Hopefully soon he will be big enough for the adult rides.

On the last ride of the night Alex met his soul mate.  He was wearing the Batman equivalent of his same jacket.  They laughed and giggled the whole time.  Too bad their friendship was so short-lived.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Another month has flown by and this month was extra exciting because we actually left the house a little.  Here are some highlights.  

We celebrated my grandma's birthday at the beginning of the month.  Here she is with her newest great grandchildren.  

Mia hates baths.  She sure looks cute in her lamb towel though.

Alex was putting on a puppet show for Mia.

At the beginning of the month Brandon and I got to leave the kiddos and go on a real date.  We saw Paul McCartney in concert.  It was amazing!

As of Tuesday Mia is two months old.  She is growing so fast.  It makes me so sad.  However, I am sure loving that she smiles a lot now and that she is only getting up once a night.

Because he played T-Ball in the spring Alex got some free tickets to the Bee's game.  We finally used them this month for one of their last games.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon for sitting at the ballpark.  My perfect day!

After taking a closer look at our window wells we started to notice these terrifying creatures in each of them.  Most of the window wells had black widows but some had some really gross giant brown spiders.  We attempted to spray them all but it still gives me nightmares.

Brandon, Alex, Scott, and Jaden got to go to a Real game this month.  They enjoyed getting drenched in the rain.

Round 2 of Swimming lessons.  Alex did another round of swimming lessons this summer.  He loves going to them.  He is funny because he is afraid of splash pads and won't go in them but he loves going to swimming.  Once again he really improved over the two weeks.  

At the end of the month we got to celebrate Brandon's birthday.  We celebrated throughout the weekend.  We even got to go to lunch and a movie without the kids.  We are so lucky to have him in our family!

This week Mia had her two month doctor's appointment and with that came a lot of shots.  At first she did great and mostly slept.  But later in the afternoon she became very sad, crying for about three hours.  I am glad she is feeling better today.  

Finally, this week Alex started preschool with Miss Joey again.  He was so excited to be back.  I can't wait to see how much he grows this year.