Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Under the Bed

 It's hard to believe but two weeks from today our little boy will be two years old.  To prove how old he is Alex has started climbing out of his crib.  I knew this would happen eventually, I was just hoping we could at least make it to two years old.  Brandon and I have had a hard time deciding what to do, whether or not we should move him to a bigger bed.  For now we are sticking with the crib for at least a little while longer.  At night he doesn't have any trouble going to sleep.  If we wait to put him to bed when it is dark he has been going right to sleep as usual.  Nap times have become a little more difficult but he hasn't missed a nap yet.  I am definitely not ready to give those up.  When I put him down for a nap he usually climbs out 2-3 times.  I just wait until I hear him out of his crib and go in and put him back in his crib.  He is pretty sneaky though.  He knows he needs to be quiet or else we will come in.  Yesterday after putting him back in bed for the second time we weren't sure if we heard him out of his crib.  Because he was pretty quiet we just let him be.  About 3 hours later his room was still quiet. It was getting late so Brandon and I decided we better wake him up.  Sure enough he was sound asleep under his crib.  He often likes to play under there so there are a lot of stuffed animals already under there.  He just took his blanket under and went to sleep.  This was to best picture I could get of him before he woke up. 

Another favorite pasttime of Alex's is playing outside.  He can't seem to get enough.  I am sure we are going to spend a lot of summer days outside.  Here he is enjoying some fruit snacks outside.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Animal Days

Thanks to the blogging world I found out about "Baby Animal Days" at This is the Place Heritage Park from a friends blog last year. Alex loves animals so I knew he would love going to see all the baby animals. The day was a little cool but it didn't rain and it wasn't too busy. We were so glad we went. It was so much fun.

Alex loved being outside, climbing and seeing all the animals. Here he is checking out some reindeer.

This tiny little pig was Brandon's favorite. One of the perks of Brandon's job is that although he has to occasionally work some nights and weekends, he gets a lot of weekdays off. We love having him come with us to things like this

Checking out the baby chicks.

The baby bunnies were of course my favorite.

Some big oxen.

Some lambs.

Alex even got to ride his first horse. He was a little nervous at first but loved it once the horse started walking. He kept laughing and squealing. He also called it a kitty a lot.

They also have a petting area with goats and other animals.

Alex checking out the bunnies...

...until a visitor came along.

Luckily it didn't mind Alex being a little friendly.

Much to Brandon's disgust he gave him a little kiss.

We had to take one more look at the bunnies.

They had this small train and some small houses that Alex loved playing in.

Finally, we ended the day with a train ride.

Now that Alex is a little older we have a long list of places we can't wait to take him. It is going to be a fun summer.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another Easter Extravaganza!

We had another wonderful Easter this year. We are so lucky to live close to our families to celebrate with. It was also fun because Alex was able to really get into it this year. We packed a lot into the the weekend and it is no wonder Alex had one or two meltdowns. Overall, we had lots of fun.

We started Saturday off with our ward breakfast and Easter egg hunt. It was a little cold and the kids were pretty impatient to get hunting. Even though there were hundreds of eggs hidden out on the grass they were all picked up in a matter of seconds. It was pretty funny to see. Alex was able to get a decent amount though.

Next, we headed to the Clements. We had another Easter egg hunt and a delicious lunch.

Max was getting into the excitement.

Mikah is now a seasoned pro.

Alex, checking out his haul.

These eggs were hard-boiled that we later turned in for prizes. Alex was not sure what to think about these eggs. He is probably wondering where the candy is.

Still suspicious of these eggs.

Grandma and Grandpa always spoil us. Alex is checking out his basket full of treats. He even got a cute church shirt and sweater vest. He is so lucky to have such wonderful Grandparents on both sides of our family.

Finally, Saturday night we headed over to the Hettinger's house to paint some Easter eggs. Brandon is deep into the creative process.

Alex wasn't too interested in decorating eggs. He spent the entire night playing outside or downstairs with Grandpa. He is lucky to have such a nice Grandpa that will always play with him. Brandon and I don't mind taking a small break either.

The beautiful results.

After helping to decorate 6 dozen eggs Jaden was a little tired.

On Easter morning we were so excited to see that the Easter bunny had visited our house. Here is a shot of Alex's basket.

After we got Alex up this is what he found. Again, he is naked because he had already taken off his pajamas.

I guessed right and he went for the Pez Dispenser first.

Showing me what he got.

Checking out his new dinosaur book. After getting ready for church we took a few pictures in his Easter get up. We think he is one handsome boy.

Finally, we ended the night with one more Easter Egg hunt at the Hettinger's house. This one had a message about Christ and was a great reminder about why we celebrate the day. I laughed in primary today when a teacher asked the kids why we celebrate Easter and they all yelled out, "Candy!" However, I am so grateful I have a knowledge of Christ and what he did for me.