Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Soccer

Alex finished another season of soccer. He got to be on the same team as last year which made it a lot of fun.  This time they were the Orange Tigers. 

I always get a few pictures of him yawning.

Mia is Alex's biggest fan!

Most of the season we had great weather except for one game.


We had a lot of fun in September and especially enjoyed the beautiful weather. Even though Alex was back in school we managed to sneak in a lot of fun. 

At the beginning of the month we took a trip to Wheeler Farm with the cousins.  It was especially fun because Sarah, Jen, Grandma and Grandpa all had the day off work and were able to join us. 

Boo is so lazy that she often stays in bed in the morning long after we have gotten up. On this morning I even made the bed but she was still determined to stay in it.  

I wanted to document this... 

We finally squeezed in a trip to get a snow cone before Summer was officially over. Not long after I took a few pictures the bees chased us a way.

Mia loved her snow cone though and even helped eat everybody else's. 

We finally got together with the Stowes again this month.  Mia and Claire sure make a cute pair.

Apparently pizza making is a dangerous business.

We had a traumatic hair cut experience this month.  While Brandon was getting ready to cut Alex's hair, Alex switched the guards on the blade without knowing what they did.  When Brandon returned he jumped right in without checking the guards and buzzed Alex's head right down the middle with a one. Everyone was a little upset and the next day Alex was very nervous to go to school.  He thought everybody was going to laugh at him.  It broke my heart to drop him off  but luckily the only kid that noticed told him he thought it was cool.  Unfortunately this was also only a few days before school pictures.  Thank goodness for retakes! 

The same day we decided to check Alex out of school a little bit early and head to the fair.  It was a beautiful day and a ton of fun as usual. Alex loves the little farm and wanted to head there first. 

He was also excited to be able to wear a hat the rest of the day.

Mia wasn't super enthralled with the dog show but she did have fun playing with Alex's hat the whole time.

Alex was excited to be able to go on one of the big kid rides with Brandon. I laughed while watching him scream and caught the reaction of the kid in front of him.

He loved it though and wanted to go again!

One of our favorite parts of the fair was seeing and petting the baby animals.

Alex is always so fascinated with the bees.

Also, this month Alex and Brandon got to go to a Real game with Grandma and Grandpa.  Alex was especially excited for the treats but seemed to liked watching the soccer too. 

We also got to go to the circus this month with Maryanne and Stephanie.  Our kids were enthralled from start to finish.

We also got to take Alex to Beauty and the Beast at Hale Center Theater.  We felt bad leaving Mia out of one of her favorite movies but we sure enjoyed it.