Sunday, February 19, 2012

His First Tie

Alex's church clothes have been getting smaller and smaller so this week we were forced to finally get some new ones. I picked out his first tie. I thought he would hate it but he never seemed to notice it was there and wore it all through church. He looks so grown up!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


On Valentine's day this year Brandon had to work. Then he went straight from work to a concert and didn't get home until after midnight. So instead I spent the day with this cute little guy. I can't complain.

He has been sick for a few weeks now so we took a trip to the doctor just to make sure he was ok. We also ran a few other errands and this was the result.

I did receive a nice surprise from Brandon.

On Wednesday we celebrated the holiday instead. We decided since we hadn't been yet this year we should head up the mountain and do some snowboarding.

The snow was actually pretty good and it was a great day to be there because it was almost empty.

Proof that I didn't spend the whole day on my backside.

At night my sisters watched Alex and we were able to end the day with some delicious grub. We ate at the Olive Garden and ate WAY too much. It was nice to celebrate the day after because we didn't have to fight any crowds. It was another fabulous Valentine's day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some Souvenirs

Here is some of the loot we brought home from our little vacay.

Goods from Honeydukes including a chocolate frog and every flavor beans.
Brandon chose a wand for his souvenir. You guessed it, he chose Voldemort's.

I thought this was funny.

This was what we brought back for Alex. We thought it fit his personality well.

Bahamas Cruise

Brandon and I put another check on our bucket list this month by going on a cruise to the Bahamas. We planned this trip last August so we were so excited the time had finally come. We sailed out of Port Canaveral in Florida. We cruised for five nights and visited three different islands. Although we were excited to get home to Alex by the end of our trip, we had so much fun.

A view of our ship from the port.

Our little room. At least it had a window!

A view of the middle of the ship.

One of the best things to do on the ship was eat! And we ate a lot! They had buffets and grills open all the time. You could get free room service at any time of the day and each night they had a fancy dinner in the dining room. Brandon ate a lot of Mongolian BBQ and I had a lot of turkey wraps. Some of the food was really good and some was just ok. We were happy to try it all though.

Our first full day on the boat was a day at sea while we headed to our first island. That was the only day it was a little bit cloudy. It was a nice day spent reading, eating and sleeping in until 11:00.

A view of the Lido deck.

The sunset our first night.

The first island we stopped at was Half Moon Cay. This is a small island owned by Carnival. It had the most beautiful beach with white clear sand. On this island Brandon and I got to go Jet Skiing which was a lot of fun in the ocean.

A view of our boat from the island.

Lounging in the Adult only section of the boat. We spent a lot of time here reading and relaxing. It was so nice.

Us at dinner.

Each night the crew would come and turn down our room. Each night they would make a new animal out of a towel and leave it for us. The elephant was the only picture I got. They also did a swan, a lobster, and a few things we couldn't identify.

The next pictures are on Nassau. Brandon and I got to spend the day at the Atlantis resort. It was huge and beautiful so there are a lot of pictures.

The resort itself is pretty expensive so going on a cruise is a great way to enjoy it for a day.

They had a mile long "lazy" river that wasn't so lazy at all. It included rapids, caves, and lots of twists and turns.

There were nine water slides and Brandon tried them all. I went on the not so scary ones.

This was one of the scarier water slides. You went straight down and ended gliding through a shark tank. Brandon did it twice so I could see how "fun" it was.

The shark tank.

Throughout the resort they had a few large aquariums. The highlight was the gigantic rays. They had a few that had a wing span of at least 10 feet across.

More of Atlantis with Brandon's phone...(The quality is a little better).

The last island we stopped at was Freeport. We didn't have any excursions planned that day so we just took a cab to the beach and did some shopping.

This was the shopping center. It was mostly jewelry shops but I did find some cute sunglasses.

Going on a cruise was a lot of fun. We watched a hilarious "talent show" in which an 80 year old woman sang and danced to "Like A Virgin." We also watched some of our shipmates participate in a version of the Newly Wed Game Show which was also very funny. Brandon and I even watched a little Karaoke one night for a few laughs. It was mostly fun to get away and spend some one on one time together. By the last day we were very ready to get home to our little buddy but I was so glad to have this vacation with my best friend. We hope to repeat it some day.