Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

This week we have been getting into the Halloween spirit.  Alex is loving all things Halloween.  He loves watching scary movies, pointing out any scary decorations we see and especially loves pumpkins.  We knew he would love picking out some pumpkins this year with us and it would be a good excuse to get some pictures.  I can't believe how big he is getting.  Sorry for the picture overload.

We also had a first this week.  Alex got stung by his first bee, and we were even inside!  We were sitting at the kitchen table when all of a sudden he said, "Bee, ear."  I looked over and sure enough there was a bee on his ear.  I did the best thing to do and freaked out which probably caused the bee to sting him.  I think it also stung his thumb but didn't get it as well.  Here he is recovering from the incident. 
 The culprit.  We made sure to kill and catch it.  Alex was fascinated with it after that. 
 During the bee sting drama we had been making a halloween ghost. 
 After he had recovered Alex finished it up. 
 I kept telling him to show me the ghost and he would put it right over his face.  Also, pants were no longer needed by this point in the day. 

Also, for those interested there have been some updates on our new home.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moving, Part 1

Our new adventure has begun and we survived the first half of our move.  We are now settled and comfortable at my sisters house and everyone seems to be adjusting just fine. 

It was so weird to pack up our house and even weirder knowing we will probably never enter it again.  It seems strange that the new owners aren't telling us what we they are planning or asking permission to make changes.  It is just weird that it no longer belongs to us. 

 It was so weird to see the house as it emptied out. 

Moving day!  It was a little tricky fitting everything into the moving truck and then our storage unit but thanks to lots of help from our families we made it work. 

Alex has LOVED living with Sarah and Jen.  In fact he likes it so much that I am already a little nervous for when we move out.  That will probably be a much harder adjustment.  We so rarely catch him sleeping, I had to take a picture. 

I just had to include this.  Brandon's cousins sent us a box of some things they are no longer in need of.  Alex immediately found a pirate hat and a new backpack and hasn't taken them off since.  He loves wearing them around the house.  It is pretty funny.