Thursday, November 6, 2014

4 months

I really can't believe it but Mia turned four months this week.  The day she turned four months she rolled over for the first time.  She has been rolling non stop ever since.  

We feel so blessed to have Mia in our family.  She is such a happy baby.  She has started laughing and smiles at everyone who looks at her.  She is still sleeping through the night and taking great naps.  Her growing slowed down a little this month.  She now weighs 13.7 pounds and is in the 52 percentile.  She is 25.5 inches long and in the 91 percentile for height.  She is just like Alex was in that she prefers to sleep in her bed rather than in someone's arms.  This makes church a little tricky but usually she will sleep for most of it in her car seat.  We are excited to start rice cereal in the next few weeks!  

And a few more random pictures from the last few weeks.

Superman needs to eat lunch too. 

I can't get enough of Mia's little feet and of her face while sleeping.  Time is going way too fast!

The best way to play the ipad...

 I love these boys!


We had a wonderful Halloween this year.  It was fun dressing up two children instead of one.  Alex has been planning on being Michaelangelo all year long.  He wore a costume that Brandon's Grandma made for Trevor more than twenty years ago.  It still looks great!  Once we saw Mia's beautiful dark hair we knew she would look great as Snow White.  I couldn't help taking a ton of pictures because they both looked so cute.  

Showing off his awesome Ninja moves.

Off we go!

We love that Alex loves Halloween.  He was so excited this year.  He did get a little nervous going up to some of the houses however.

Jaryn and Sadie joined us from some trick or treating too.  Alex loved going with some of his cousins.

Mia had so much fun she fell right to sleep.

We were sad not to get to go trick or treating with Mikah and Max this year since they moved.  At least they got to check in via Skype.

Two pretty princesses.

We can't wait until next year!