Monday, May 15, 2017


April was such a fun, busy month.  Here are the highlights. 

Because Alex played Jr. Jazz Basketball during the winter we got free tickets to a Jazz game.  Alex was actually pretty into but Mia was not.  It was fun! 

The Primary was in charge of putting on an Easter Egg hunt for our neighborhood this year.  We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood so we had to stuff 1600 eggs full of candy.  My presidency did most of it but Brandon helped out a lot.

1600 eggs ready to go!

We held the hunt at our neighborhood park. 

We also shot the candy cannon off a couple of times and the kids loved it!

Mia was not impressed by the candy cannon.  She just sat off to the side and opened every piece of candy in her basket.  She didn't eat most of them, she just liked peeling all the wrappers off each one.

We had a few other activities going on as well.

Alex as a cheetah.

I tried to get Mia to be a cute little bunny but she wanted to be a tiger.

Later that day we headed to Grandma Hettinger's house.  We did another egg hunt, we decorated eggs and got some dinner.  It was such a fun day. 

Easter morning finally came! The kids were excited to find their baskets and a few more eggs the Easter bunny had left. 

I am loving that Mia cooperates for pictures more now.  I couldn't help but taking a lot of the two of them in their new Easter clothes before we left for church.  Side note - I realized at the end of the day that her dress is actually on backwards.  There are some buttons that actually go in the front.  Oops! It looks cute either way though.

Finally, after church we headed to Grandma Clements house for one last Easter celebration.  We did another Egg hunt and had a delicious dinner. 

In their Easter baskets the kids got certificates to go to Build a Bear to make a new friend.  Later in the month we cashed them in.  It was so fun. Both of our kids love stuffed animals so they were very excited. 

This month we found out that Nikole and Jordan are expecting another child.  We are SO excited for them.  At the end of the month they found out they were having another boy.  They shared the news by shooting off the candy cannon.  If blue candy came out it was a boy.  If it was pink it was a girl.  These crazy boys are excited to have another buddy to play with! 

It was blue!

And a few more random pictures from the month. 

Mia got put into her crib for timeout at one point this month and she surprised us all when she climbed right out.  I guess it is almost time for a big girl bed!

We had some fun at the park this month.  When I told them to smile this was the look I got from Alex.

Apparently we waited a little too long to mow our lawn for the first time this year.  It was so long!  This was how full the garbage can was after just the front yard.  It took me all day and my hands were completely green by the end.

We went up to Logan one more time this month for Kenzie's third birthday party.  We did the candy cannon one more time.  A lot of the candy ended up on the roof so Brandon and Trevor had to climb up and get it.  

Mia loved trying out Kenzie's new motorized bike.

Mia had a fun play date with Claire this month.  It is fun that she is starting to play with friends now rather than just playing near them.

This will be a picture I can use to embarrass him later.

Out cold!