Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Spring Sports

Alex finished up another season of sports.  He played both Soccer and Baseball this spring.  It is so fun to watch him and see him improve each year.  

This would be a great action shot if they weren't on the same team.

Alex has a great team and we love playing with them each year.

Alex had an especially great Baseball season and is starting to really love the game.  Mia is his biggest fan! 


May is a very exciting month around our house.  It is Alex's birthday and we felt like we celebrated all month long.  Alex was also off track so we had lots of time to have lots of fun! 

The first Saturday of the month we had Alex's family birthday party.  Alex decided on a Kylo Ren theme and Brandon made an amazing cake as usual.  

I tried to get a picture of just the birthday boy but Mia insisted on being in every picture.

Alex always makes some great expressions while opening his presents.

The girls were really interested in his presents.

It was another successful party! Alex is lucky to have lots of family that love and support him.  Here he is testing out his new Shark Snuggie tail.

The next Sunday Alex got to pick the dinner.

Eating the fondant Kylo Ren.

Since Alex didn't have school we were able to also celebrate all day long on his birthday.  We started off the fun by opening presents.

Next, he chose to head to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  It was a ton of fun as usual.

After the museum he chose to get a late lunch/early dinner at the Asian Star.  It was delicious and Mia even ate it too. Next, we had to head to Alex's baseball game.  To finish the night off we headed to Yogurtland for one more treat.  It was a great day!

The sugar was getting to Mia!

Finally, at the end of the week we hosted a friend party for Alex.  He chose to have a magician come so we went with a magic theme.  It turned out so fun! 

In a neighborhood with tons of kids Alex's age it is hard to know where to draw the line so we ended up with a lot of kids at our house. They did great though and it ended up being so fun!

The present opening became more and more chaotic as it went on.  

The kids got closer and closer.  Alex didn't mind being the center of attention.

The best part of having a cake with black frosting.  Most of the kids had faces like this.  I wish I had gotten a picture of all of them.

The magician was a lot of fun and kept the kids attention for an hour.  It made the party really easy for us!

I can't believe Alex is 7 but I have loved watching him grow up and see the young man he is becoming.

That night Mikah and Max got to spend the night.  They had a lot of fun.  

Mia decided to try out the mattress the next day and fell sound asleep.

I caught this picture one day after church.  Just hanging out.

Alex also got to celebrate his birthday at Grandma and Stephanie's house.  

We also celebrated mother's day this year.  Brandon always does a great job of spoiling me.  I'm so lucky to be a mom to these cuties! 

Later in them month for Bayley's birthday a lot of us were able to go to the zoo.  It was a little chilly that day but was very fun.  I took a lot of pictures but I love seeing my kids having so much fun with their aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We are lucky!

They had giant bugs and spiders all over.  Mia wasn't too sure about them.

Making the same expression!

This was the best I got.  I have a lot of outtakes.

Can you spot the teenager?

We were so sad that Jaden had to go to school and couldn't come along.  I wish he was in this picture.

Alex has been taking piano lessons over the past year and had his first piano recital this month.  He was very nervous but did amazing!  He even memorized his song and played it perfectly.  He said he was most nervous to do the bow at the end but he did a real quick one before racing back to his seat.  We are so proud of him! 

For memorial day we got to play in Grandma's backyard.  She had a pool, water guns, and water balloons and the kids were in heaven.

One of the most exciting things that happened this month was that Mia was potty trained. After working on it off and on for the past few months we really went for it this month and she has got it down.  I didn't take any internet appropriate pictures but we are very excited for her and very excited not to have to buy diapers anymore!