Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Final Days

The final days leading up to Christmas were busy but a lot of fun.  As usual, the Saturday before Christmas we attended the Gygi Christmas party.  Alex had a great time running around and Mia slept through the whole party.  

On Tuesday we made sugar cookies for Santa.  Aunt Bayley even came to help.

Alex was really good at frosting them.  He made sure they got lots and lots of frosting.

That night while out and about we stopped at a few houses that had Christmas light shows.  This one was choreographed to music and was very cool.

Finally, it was Christmas Eve.  In the morning we went to the Original Pancake house with the Clement's Family.  It was a long wait but delicious as usual.  

At night our first stop was at the Clements for dinner.  We ate a delicious steak dinner and opened a few presents.   

Brandon had to head off to work for a few hours so the kids and I journeyed on.  The last stop of the day was at the Thomas family Christmas party.  The kids had a great time playing air hockey.  

The kids each get one present.  Alex was very excited for his Marvel Mashers and enjoyed showing them off.

We finally made it back home to get ready for Santa's arrival.  Alex picked out the best cookies for him and even some carrots for the reindeer.

We were sad Daddy had to work for a little while but we were so excited for the big day! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Count Down to Christmas

This month continues to be crazy and fun as we get closer and closer to Christmas.  It is amazing how much we can pack into a few weeks.  

Mia is getting better and better at sitting.  

Yep, that's Buddy the Elf riding a T-Rex that is eating a bunny.

We got to attend Brandon's work party.  It was bowling and pizza again.  We all had a great time.  Alex especially loved bowling.

Mia enjoyed being passed around and doted upon by all of Brandon's co-workers.

We also got our pictures taken with Santa again.  This year we had to go to the Dicken's festival to find him.  Mia smiled and giggled the whole time while Alex seemed to forget how to smile.  The pictures sure turned out cute though.  

Pretty good for three babies under one!

We also attended our Ward Christmas party.  The Relief Society was in charge of it this year so I got to do lots of running around.  It was a great success though.  

And Alex got to see Santa one more time.  He was very thoughtful about this and asked if this Santa was just one of Santa's helpers.  He didn't look quite as "authentic" as the Santa we saw earlier in the day.  

 Mia moves all over her crib during the night.  She doesn't cry but usually when I come in to get her she has several limbs sticking out of the crib. The doctor assured me this is better than having her sleep with a bumper.  She is so crazy.

I'm not even sure how to caption this.

We also got to attend Alex's preschool Christmas program.  After last years program we were slightly mortified by our crazy kid.  What a difference a year makes.  Alex did such an awesome job.  It has been so much fun to see him mature over the year while keeping his hilarious personality.  We sure love him! 

The kid who was supposed to be Santa was sick so Alex was asked to be a last minute stand in.  He nailed it and his facial expressions were killing me.

Finally this week we got to visit with Grandma and Stephanie.  Alex is always excited to see them.