Wednesday, June 15, 2016


We just wrapped up another baseball season.  Alex says baseball is his favorite sport but I think that is just because they get to choose a snack after every game from the snack shack.  This year they hit off a pitching machine instead of a tee.  Alex had fun with Cooper and Carter on his team, the Rock Hounds.  It was a fun season and Alex learned a lot.  

Mia was his biggest fan.

Alex was especially excited any time they got to play on a real field.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


May was a fun and busy month.  It flew by!  Here are some highlights. 

Love these two! 

I'm sure I will miss the days of dragging Alex out of bed for school.  He definitely got his morning attitude from me.

Brandon went above and beyond for mothers day this year.  It is always a busy week.  This time it was sandwiched between Alex's birthday party and his actual birthday so things were crazy.  Brandon still managed to spoil me.  I even got "a day off" a few days later.  I got to go get a massage and do some shopping.  It was awesome! 

I feel so lucky to be their mom!

I make a good chair. 

While Brandon was out of town this month we saw Ratchet and Clank.  Alex was very excited and Mia even liked it.

We finally checked out the West Jordan library.  My kids loved it!

Alex's friend Cooper and him had a lot of fun on Snap Chat one day.  Cooper's mom sent me these pics.  They are pretty hilarious!

Brandon got to spend a week in New Orleans this month for work.  We missed him and were a little jealous but he had a lot of fun.  

Brandon raved about all the food he ate.  He said this fish was one of the best meals he's ever had.  

Brandon's attempt at a selfie.  He will be thrilled I posted it.  

Swamp Tour 

World War 2 Museum 

Don't let this pic fool you.  When Brandon face-timed us on his last night the kids went crazy.  They were jumping all around, yelling and putting on quite the show.

We were all so glad when he finally got home.  

Alex and Mia were especially excited for souvenirs.