Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More July Adventures

Later in July we attended the annual Cul-de-sac of Fire at the Everitts house.  We always eat lots of delicious food and light off lots of fireworks.  As usual it was lots of fun.  Thanks Everitts!

Once again Mia loved the fireworks!

Jessica is showing us how to be a teen.

Also, this month we went to the Aquarium with the Everitts.  It was very cool and had a lot to see.  

Alex and Mia are so lucky to have the best cousins.  They are so nice to play and run around with Alex.  He loves them so much!

 I often catch Mia sleeping with a limb or two sticking out of her crib.

On the 24th of July we went with some of Brandon's family to hike Cecret Lake.  It was very very crowded but still very beautiful and we had a lot of fun.  

Alex was super excited until he started to get car sick on the way up the mountain.  

The weather was gorgeous and it was nice and cool up in the mountains.

The wild flowers were amazing.

Jaryn was bothered that his mom wouldn't let him get in and swim.

The next day we all headed to Kamas to watch the demolition derby.  First we stopped at Aunt Judy's for some delicious dinner.  

Then we headed to the derby.  Mia had a lot more fun being passed around than hanging out with us.

The next day we celebrated Grandpa Clements birthday.  These girls were enjoying their popsicles.