Friday, September 8, 2017


August was such a fun month.  It has been fun to see our kids try new things and learn and grow.  

Mia started taking dance and tumbling.  She was very excited and had a lot of fun.  

I snapped a picture before they shut the door.  Mia is especially excited because Jessica is one of her teachers.

This was the best picture I could get after class.

The next day was Tumbling.  Mia was a little more nervous for this one but had a ton of fun once it got started.

We finally got out the swimming pool now that Summer is almost over.  We made the most of it though and had a lot of friends over during the weekend.  

Mia's newest obsession is the movie Sing.  She makes us get out all our instruments while she sings along with the movie.  

Mia has never had trouble keeping up with Alex.

While the kids were off track we went downtown to the Planetarium.  It ended up being a crazy day to be there because lots of people were there getting glasses for the Eclipse that was a few days a way.  It was still fun though.

On the way home Mia had my phone and apparently learned how to take selfies.  I had about 40 pictures like this.

Mia and Alex started soccer this month.  Brandon gets to be Mia's coach.  So far it has been a little rough.  Mia is usually pretty shy during games but hopefully it gets better.  

Alex also started flag football this month.  He wanted to play with Carter.  We weren't sure this would be his sport but he has done really well so far.

We had a fun time checking out the Eclipse this month.  In West Jordan it was about 91% full.  It was definitely a weird phenomenon.  Mia wasn't too sure about the whole thing at first. 

Mia had her first dentist appointment this month.  She has been looking forward to this for months and was so excited.  It was a little weird but I'm glad she had fun.

This month we spent a few days at the Condo in Park City.  We always have so much fun up there and this time was the same.  We did a ton of swimming.  We usually had the pool to ourselves and the weather was perfect.

We tried out a few new places to eat this time.  We loved the ice cream at Thrifty's.

The donuts at Little Donuts were okay but definitely looked cute.

As usual we did the Alpine slides and coaster.  They kids loved them.  

 We wore Mia out so much that one night at dinner she just fell asleep.  She was so dead asleep we were a little worried for a while but eventually woke up and was her crazy self again.

These two seriously get along so well.  I hope it lasts!

Checking out Dolly's bookstore.

Treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

This trip was the first time Mia got to sleep in a big bed.  We all laughed at how we found her sleeping some nights.

When we got home she finally got to try out her own big girl bed.  She hasn't quite mastered it yet but she loves it.  

After our trip we only had one more week left that Alex was off track.  We made the most of it.  We spent a morning at High Jump.  Alex could have stayed all day.  Mia was tired after awhile.

She found the tv where they were showing Moana and took some time to relax and make friends.

Afterwards we went to lunch with the cousins.

At the end of the month we got to celebrate our favorite dad's birthday.  We had a slow morning, went to Huhot for lunch and then dropped the kids off for a sleepover so that Brandon and I could party (which means we saw two movies).  It was a great day!

At the end of the month I started my preschool.  Mia gets to come with me.  It has been crazy but fun so far.  I'm excited for this new adventure.  

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